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The Culture Legacy of Kazakhstan

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¨Culture is the reflection of nation, its soul, intelligence and nobility. Civilized people is proud of its history, development of culture, great people that brought fame to the state and made a great contribution in the golden fund of world achievements of thoughts and art. Itisbymeansofcultureandtraditionsthat nation becomes famous¨

N.A. Nazarbaev

The Kazakhstani people has centuries-old history, possesses cultural values that are in the treasury of world civilization. On the number and diversity of monuments Kazakhstan can be put in one line with such states as India, China, states of Mediterranean and Middle East and it is a unique museum in the open air.

Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan has all diversity of cultural values of peoples that lived in the territory of Kazakhstan. That is more than 25 thousand immovable monuments of history, archeology, architecture and monumental art, more than 2 million 56 thousand units of cultural values located in expositions and funds of 89 state museums, 66 million 840 thousand volumes of books, rare manuscript and publications stored in 3495 state libraries.

Historically “medial” location of Kazakhstan in the most expanded continent of the planet, Eurasia, stipulated its involvement in many significant civilization processes and events. From times immemorial the broad Kazakh land was cultural cradle of the Eurasian space. In the ancient times the steppes of Kazakhstan had the Great Silk Way that connected East and West. The routes of caravan tracks were represented by many cultures, customs and traditions, religions, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Confucianism. The heritage of that epoch is many monuments of history and culture. These are real gemsofancient, medieval, oriental architectural art and culture. 218 objects are included in the State list of history and culture monuments of Kazakhstan.

Today many monuments are acknowledged by UNESCO as the monuments of universal importance. UNESCO World Heritage Center included in the List of World heritage monuments the following: mausoleum of Khodzha Akhmet Yassaui and complex of Tamgaly petroglyphs in Almaty oblast. The cultural brands of Kazakhstan are the monuments Altyn Adam (Golden man), Mausoleum of Khodzha Akhmet Yassaui, Otrar, Turkestan.

Musical heritage of Kazakhstan is also unique. People say: “God included in souls of the Kazakh a part of kui from the moment of their birth”. (Kui is the ancient musical art and is the part of centuries-long culture of Kazakh people).It is not by accident that strangers that watched the helife of the Kazakh in the 18-19 centuries were surprised and expressed by the conspicuous ability of people to art, amazing musical and poetic improvisation, involvement in music art of all people, from babies to elders.

Nomad and seminomad way of life determined the uniqueness of folk music instruments and traditions.

One of the most popular and significant lyrical and epic Kazakh poem is “Kyz Zhibek”. It is included in the UNESCO world cultural.

The literature heritage of Kazakhstan includes works of outstanding scientists, thinkers of the past that are recognized as the gems of the world humanistic spiritual culture: Al-Farabi, Korkyt Ata, Abai, Shakarim, oral folk arts.

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